What’s the Difference between “Google TV and Android TV”

Google TV is the company’s foundation for smart TVs and set-top boxes. Yet, pause, didn’t Google as of now have a TV stage called Android TV? Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about the Google TV application? How about we plunge into another Google naming mess.

Most importantly, Google TV is still Android TV. The least complex approach to consider Google TV is to envision Android TV with a new layer of paint.

Google TV is comparative in idea to overlays like Samsung’s One UI. A Samsung Galaxy telephone with One UI is as yet running Android. Similarly, gadgets with Google TV are as yet running Android TV underneath.

The distinction here is One UI is selective to Samsung gadgets, while Google TV will run on Android TV gadgets from all companies.

The most recent variant of what we know as “Android TV” depends on Android 9, while Google TV depends on Android 10. Updating from Android TV to Google TV is the same than redesigning as Android 8 to Android 9. There’s only an additional layer on top.

Name aside, the greatest change with Google TV is the Home screen. Google totally patched up the Home screen insight to be based around proposals. Films and TV shows are pulled from the streaming services you buy in to.

The whole arrangement measure for another gadget has been redone too. Rather than occurring on the TV itself, set up now occurs through the Google Home application. During the arrangement cycle, Google requests that you pick your streaming services so it can alter the Home screen proposals.

Another key part of the Google TV Home screen is the “Watchlist.” You can add motion pictures and TV shows to your Watchlist from Google Search on your telephone, tablet, or PC. They will at that point be effectively available from the Google TV Home screen. The substance is likewise accessible in the Google TV application.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, there’s likewise a Google TV application. The Google Play Movies and TV application has been renamed to Google TV.

It’s as yet the spot to lease and buy films and TV shows in Google’s environment, however now it likewise incorporates your web-based features and Watchlist. Quest for anything and Google TV will disclose to you where it very well may be viewed.

The significant thing to know is Google TV is still Android TV. It might look altogether different, however at the center they are the equivalent. The Home screen is the place the vast majority of the progressions lie, and more seasoned gadgets will inevitably get a similar encounter.

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