Vitamin D helps in the treatment of COVID-19

Vitamin D is ending up being to some degree helpful in the battle against COVID-19, and was even aspect of the president’s ongoing treatment. To more readily see how successful it is, Mercer Island MD Dr. Gordon Cohen joined Seattle’s Morning News to examine.

“There was a study that came out … that showed that hospitalized patients, and that’s the key — it’s not outpatients, it’s hospitalized patients that were being treated for COVID-19 — were less likely to have life threatening complications if they had adequate vitamin D levels. One of the things that’s important about that is that we get vitamin D usually from the sun, or we could get it from some dietary sources, or else we have to take a supplement,” he said.

“And actually, people in the Seattle area, in the Pacific Northwest in general, tend to have below normal vitamin D levels because we don’t get adequate sun exposure here,” he included. “When we check vitamin D levels on people randomly, they’re usually below normal. So we always recommend that people should be taking vitamin D, and actually I take a pretty substantial dose of vitamin D every day because of this.”

Regarding COVID-19, vitamin D has been appeared to lessen the degree of sickness should one wind up being hospitalized.

“As it applies to COVID-19, if you get an infection severe enough to end up hospitalized, actually having an appropriate vitamin D level can reduce the likelihood of you getting very sick. Now this isn’t completely new,” Cohen said. “We actually know of studies in the past that have shown the same thing for influenza as well.”

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