The most recent SpaceX Starship model could arrive at the most highest altitude yet as its test flight window opens Friday.

Following an effective static fire test a week ago, CEO and author Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX is prepared to dispatch its heavy-lift rocket to 50,000 feet.

The SpaceX Starship dispatch will test the rocket’s “3 engine ascent, body flaps and transition from main to header tanks & landing flip.”

He at first said the practice run could occur Wednesday. Be that as it may, the Federal Aviation Administration later said the dispatch window opens Friday at 9 a.m. ET and closes Sunday at 6 p.m.

Starship has flown three earlier practice runs with a maximum stature of 500 feet at its south Texas test flight facility.

Musk tweeted a week ago that there was a one of every three possibility that the Starship would land in one piece however said more models have been worked for future tests.

SpaceX Starship Delays

The SpaceX Starship is being planned as a profound space spacecraft to travel to the moon and colonize Mars. However, it is likewise envisioned as a heavy-lift launcher to place payloads in circle just as a hypersonic intercontinental traveler vehicle.

The last form of the rocket will have six Raptor motors, which will assist it with conveying up to 100 individuals into space.

At the virtual Humans to Mars Summit in September, Musk said that the SpaceX Starship would make its first orbital flight “probably next year.”

The SpaceX Starship is planned to send Japanese extremely rich person Yusaku Maezawa and different travelers out traveling around the moon in 2023. Yet, that course of events is being referred to as Musk anticipated Starship will do “hundreds of missions with satellites before we put people on board.”

In the interim, Boeing’s (BA) Space Launch System profound space rocket is confronting it postponements and cost overwhelms. The SLS rocket is important for NASA’s Artemis moon program.

An arranged mid-November SLS hot-fire test was deferred because of Hurricane Zeta and issues with a valve on the motors. NASA wants to finish it before the year’s end. The hot fire is the remainder of eight tests used to guarantee that the center phase of the rocket is prepared for launch.

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