Google has added a feature to improve pixel photos already found on the iPhone

As per Android Police, Google has as of late improved the framework it uses to make it simpler to take entirely level photographs utilizing the Google Camera application. To snap a photo that is level, you’ll need to make two level indicators (one in yellow and one in white) show up.

You can make these lines surface by keeping your telephone still and upright. Attempt to change the camera until the two lines lie on top of one another making a single yellow pointer in strong.

At the point when this happens, it implies that you are holding your Pixel level which is incredible for pictures of well known landmarks. Far superior, in the event that you own a Pixel 4 or later you will feel a slight haptic criticism when the telephone is entirely level.

On the off chance that you need to bring a top-down photo (which just methods a photograph taken with the camera over the subject at no point permitting you to catch the top surface of the frame), hold your telephone straight down to make two sets of focus (+) markers show up. Change the telephone until the yellow and white line of crosshairs are lying on top of one another.

The crosshairs are likewise accessible to take level photographs on your iPhone. Essentially go to Settings > Camera and switch on Grid. Keep the telephone still over the subject for a couple of moments and you’ll see the white crosshair and the yellow crosshair. Line them up by moving the telephone and you’ll have a level photograph.

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