DeShawn Marks is not the type of guy to sit back and let things happen to him; instead, he knows that his legacy is up to him and will be determined by the choices he makes and the chances he takes. DeShawn’s mission is to share his experience, knowledge, and passion with others, so they can achieve their dreams. As a successful businessman, husband, father, entertainer — only to name a few — DeShawn will inspire you with his story and motivate you to radically transform your life. DeShawn Marks is launching his brand new book, “Grind From The Inside Out.” The book is set to be available online Friday, June 18, exclusively at and is expected to become a best seller. This book targets the person looking to redefine what grinding means and looks to help those who are stuck in life but ready to take a chance to hear a new message they never heard before. It approaches development from inner patterns that resonate with your behavior and approach by focusing on thinking differently.

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This is the first book DeShawn Marks has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to radically transform behavioral and thought patterns to help impact your life. Wherever you happen to be in life, Grind From the Inside Out is for you. This new book by DeShawn Marks will meet you where you are and give you principles and concepts that you can apply to achieve your goals. Whether you want to start a business or find your purpose in life, the book aims to motivate you to take action and find success. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because It will unveil some of the author’s most profound and deepest secrets that have helped him prevail and navigate life. Excitement surrounds this book launch because it comes with a free 15-day workbook to help you apply these principles.

Grind From The Inside Out sets its primary focus on The concept of living described by several authors in the past. Truthfully, some of those definitions and laid down principles are practical, but here’s something exceptionally different and realistic, “grinding from the inside out.” The book sets its primary focus on living from the inside out, and this really isn’t just a concept; it’s a principle. Better said, it is a principle with several concepts that can radically transform your life if engaged. Readers will likely find a particular interest in one of the most challenging issues man is faced with is how to manage what dwells within. Therefore, readers will likely find specific interest in “Grinding from inside out” addresses this challenge; it will teach you how to effectively live from within. With the concepts found in this book, you will begin to live your life from the inside out because you manifest what is within honestly. The book’s cover art was created by Ajibola, and Grind From The Inside Out is being released by Hit The Mark.

DeShawn Marks has a background in franchising, business development, & a manager of professional athletes. This helped shaped the creation of the book. In addition, working with so many other high-level successful professionals allowed a perspective to help birth these successful fundamental principles. When asked about why he wrote the book, Marks said: “motivation and help come in many different voices, and we all have a story to share. I felt the time was need it now because of the lack of hope from covid-19. “

Marks hopes that the book will help someone understand that success is a choice, but we have to own up and put in the work to get there. No matter what obstacles you face, the answer sits inside of you. The way to help change the world is by changing you first, and that change in you will change the world. This positive outlook is certainly a testament to their optimism, considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point, I made a last-minute decision to self-publish and hold my destiny in my hands.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking Everyone who has helped impact my life for their part in creating the book, saying: “Thank you all, especially Keon, Danae, & Jiah; your support helped me release this book to the world.”

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