Green Builder Products has released a new report on the EnerFlect thermal coating sealant for builders and homeowners in Santa Cruz looking for a practical solution for insulating roofs and walls.

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The recently released report details the benefits of using the EnerFlect sealant for homes, such as a reduction in air conditioning and maintenance costs, as well as improving the life span of a building.

When looking to insulate a home, the roof is one of the most essential areas for sealing as it can help maintain temperatures within a property which can reduce the utility costs for homeowners. Furthermore, due to exposure to the sun, proper roofing insulation can help prevent thermal expansion that can cause structural damage over time. Green Builder Products’ report explains how the EnerFlect sealant offers an easy-to-use solution for roofing insulation.

As the report details, the thermal coating is latex-based and creates a watertight seal when applied that prevents leaks while also offering an elastic seal that can reduce attic temperatures by 50 degrees. Due to the product’s ability to expand and contract, EnerFlect is ASTM tested up to 300%, allowing it to adjust with changes in temperatures without breaking.

Green Builder Products’ report also highlights that the product was developed to be quick and straightforward to apply with brushes, rollers, or sprayers with a three to six-hour drying time. Furthermore, the product can be cleaned up with water to ensure a tidy finish for applications.

While the report advises that white or lighter colors are more beneficial for reflecting heat and enhancing EnerFlect’s efficiency, it also explains that it can be tinted with any paint color to allow it to match a homeowner’s desired look or theme. Additionally, the sealant is non-toxic, making it ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners.

In addition to their report, Green Builder Products are currently giving clients in Santa Cruz a 10% reduction on sales of EnerFlect coating through their supply services until the end of September 2021.

A spokesperson for the company said, “EnerFlect is less expensive than traditional roofing materials, and it lasts longer.”

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