Grigore Counselling is now working with patients with both situational and clinical depression to relieve them of the symptoms of their condition and promote better mental health. It specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, a cutting-edge interactive psychotherapy technique that has been pioneered to alleviate psychological stress.

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The therapists have launched their new Total Immersion EMDR treatment plans in accordance with recent medical advice. According to the latest research from Counselling Today, a publication of the American Counselling Association, EMDR therapy is one of the few available psychological tools that can help patients make not only a state change but a trait change.

For those patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or another mental health disorder, a state change is a positive but surface or ‘rational’ level change. In state changes, a patient’s problem is approached through the brain’s frontal cortex, and practitioners focus on helping the patient to learn conscious coping strategies to deal with their symptoms.

Alternately, a trait change, such as those promoted by EMDR, especially Total Immersion EMDR, uses the limbic part of the brain and the nervous system to essentially rewire the brain’s response to the problems which underlie the condition.

Grigore Counselling believes that a helpful analogy is to think of a state change as like changing lanes (i.e. from an anxious road to a calm one), whereas an EMDR-fostered state change is like building a whole new highway. With their new treatment plans, the Clinical Director, and Certified EMDR Therapist, Robert A. Grigore, believes that patients can expect effective, fast, and permanent results.

Robert A. Grigore MCP, RCC, is an experienced EMDR therapist, published author, celebrity psychotherapist and transformational mental health coach. More information on his credentials can be accessed at

Grigore has gained the moniker The Celebrity Saviour for his use of innovative therapies like EMDR that have been endorsed by famous mental health advocates and celebrities who have faced their own mental health struggles.

He has also personally worked with many celebrities and elite professionals as both a therapist and coach, covering challenges such as depression, anxiety and anger management.

A spokesperson for counselling service said, “We believe Total Immersion EMDR is the next step in the evolution of EMDR and of the therapy industry in general.”

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