Though cryptocurrency started off as a niche product for enthusiasts and technology-savvy traders, it has developed into a financial medium used around the world for shopping, saving, and investing. A new device recently launched by D’cent, and available from The Crypto Merchant, is designed to be easy to use, quick to access, and ideal for securely storing investments long-term.

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The Crypto Merchant is an authorized dealer for D’cent hardware wallets. Their newest wallet from D’cent is the first in the world to include built-in biometric scanning, with an easy-to-use fingerprint scanner for quick access.

Over the past few years, offline storage vaults have risen in popularity among cryptocurrency traders, as the most secure method for storing their investments. Due to the devices being unable to connect directly to the internet, they are considered to be secure against all standard hacking strategies.

The D’cent portable wallet uses this strategy to stay secure against bad actors, while also allowing users to create a temporary connection to process transactions. The device can be connected to Android or iOS mobile devices, laptops, or desktops through a USB connection, or wirelessly through Bluetooth.

While the device is small enough to be handheld, or to easily fit in a pocket, it is still one of the largest portable storage wallets available today. It includes a 1.1″ OLED screen that can be used to check wallet balances or view a full transaction history.

Though the D’cent wallet uses biometric fingerprint scans for fast access, it is also equipped with several other security features for logging in and completing transactions. Users can also access their devices with a chosen keyword or private keys, and there is a recovery seed phrase included with each device to help restore the wallet in case of emergencies.

A spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant said, “The D’Cent hardware wallet has more options and buttons than most other hardware devices of its caliber. This actually makes it easier to use. It seems, from the beginning, that this hardware was designed specifically for mobile users.”

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