Mesa, AZ – A challenging aspect of a divorce is marital assets, property, and debt division. It’s incredibly strenuous when one or both spouses are business/company owners. Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney represents doctors, entrepreneurs, dentists, and other clients with huge assets and high net worths. The divorce attorney for doctors has over 30 years of experience handling each case with honesty, compassion, and mutual respect. From their experience, they understand judges’ requirements, Arizona divorce statutes, stock options, business valuation tactics, equitable distribution, and common legal strategies that provide a favorable outcome.

In Arizona, all assets, real estate, jewelry, investments, personal property, bank/retirement accounts, and cash acquired during a marriage is community property, giving each spouse a one-half interest. While there are exceptions, a party claiming a specific asset as separate property must prove its prior ownership, whether a gift, trust, or inheritance. Co-mingling of individual with community property, disagreements over value, and hidden assets are contentious issues that arise during divorce. Since they require a trial judge review, divorce lawyers advise clients to resolve the matter out of court or protect their rights in litigation. They help make the process as stress-free and quick as possible without creating a war between both parties.

For couples with children, Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney offers custody mediation services to allow the parents to resolve disagreements or create plans that prioritize their children’s needs. They intervene when a spouse fails to cooperate to help them understand divorce stipulations, father’s rights, grandparent’s rights, child support, or legal separations. Child custody mediation is less costly than litigation, empowering parents to establish healthy dialogues, consider physical/legal custody, and give children a voice. While inviting someone else into a family may seem uncomfortable and invasive, family law attorneys at the firm offer neutral, beneficial, and practical legal guidance specific to child custody.

Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ prenup lawyer demystifies the benefits of safeguarding property and life before marriage. A prenup agreement establishes parties’ financial rights and obligations. If they file for divorce, the agreement specifies which spouse receives which assets/property. The lawyer drafts/negotiates prenups for wealthier spouses, business owners, retirees, and shareholders. They also represent clients starting lucrative careers, getting married with heavy financial debt, and expecting to receive massive amounts of inheritance.

Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ prenuptial agreement lawyer, helps spouses identify specific areas of their marriage that may be troublesome or lead to divorce before negotiating separation conditions. When deciding asset distribution, the attorney explains different perspectives representing spousal interest during community property division or alimony discussions. Once completed, they draft a valid prenup with content or provision for enforcement.

To learn more about family and divorce law in Arizona, visit the firm’s website or call (480) 999-2321 to schedule an appointment. They’re located at 3740 E Southern Ave Suite 210, Mesa, AZ, 85206, US.

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